Sherlock Holmes Tartan coming soon


Tattimole - Luxury tartan handbags and accessories, handmade in Scotland

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Tania has designed some luxury tartan bags and accessories for ladies who love tartan or to show off their clan heritage! As the bags are made from tartan and moleskin the name Tattimole was born.

As a keen designer and living in Scotland, Tania has introduced this style of handbag to suit all occasions. Tattimole handbags can be made in 6 sizes, with the chosen tartan being blended with a similar colour of moleskin to make the colours work together. The bags are ideal for either a smart or casual occasion, and are made in Scotland!

These bags are very easy to use and are also very practical; the larger bag can be a handbag or shoulder bag, by altering the length of the cord handle through the eyelets. There is a magnetic clasp to hold the handbag together and make it more secure. The handbags have black quilted lining, with the 3 larger handbags having small inner pockets. Some of the bags are also available with leather handles.

All bags can be made in a variety of tartans and colours of moleskin: green, black and navy being the most popular.

What a wonderful present to give a daughter, mother, friend or keep for yourself!

New - Tania is introducing a new tartan which she designed this year.  Tania is the step great, great grand daughter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who created the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, and the tartan is called the 'Sherlock Holmes Tartan'.

There will be clothing merchandise coming soon for men and women  from deeerstalkers, waistcoats, capes, trews and skirts.  Meanwhile Tania is making handbags and faux fur hats as well as cushion covers, ties, scarves and cummerbunds from the Sherlock Holmes tartan, which can be ordered on line now.